Empower your human resources management with our specialized modules: Simplify, optimize, and achieve success.

Welcome to the world of simplified and efficient human resources management. In today’s dynamic business environment, having the right technological tools is essential to optimize talent management and boost the success of an organization. That’s why we are excited to introduce our human resources software modules, designed to provide comprehensive solutions and streamline all tasks related to human capital management.


These modules are designed to simplify and enhance human capital management in your organization. Optimize your processes, promote a healthy work environment, and achieve success with our comprehensive human resources solution.

Development of Talent

With these modules, you can set clear objectives, conduct regular assessments, provide constructive feedback, and recognize the achievements of your employees.

Personal Management

These modules will provide you with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage all administrative tasks related to human capital.

Operational Management

These modules will help you streamline operational management, save time and resources, and maintain precise control over all aspects related to your organization’s personnel.


We offer comprehensive and customized solutions, which is why each module has been developed taking into account the unique challenges and requirements of each industry, to provide you with a human resources management experience tailored to your needs.


Adagio Base


Work Stress NOM-035

Employee portal

Personnel Management

Payroll and IMSS


Human Resources

Organization chart and places

Operational Management

Digital signature

Team Assignment


Dining room and restaurant employees

Development of Talent


Performance evaluation

Recruitment and selection

Definition of objectives

360 Evaluations


Work Environment


Food and drinks

Hospitals and Health




Financial services